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A-Team was launched on July 28, 2020, led by Sarah Chin, a rational leader from Malaysia and born in the small town of Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

She created “A-Team”, A-Team that gathers outstanding entrepreneurs work as a team to promote iHealth Innovation Tech Crossborder e-commerce brand ambassador platform that when people looking for NMN, they will looking for A-Team iHealth to join and partner with, Let consumers fall in love with iHealth products and order them repeatedly. Once they have it, nothing else needed!.

At the same time, A-Team is leading by another three  outstanding Entrepreneurs from Malaysia & Singapore. Starting from January 2021, they are leading the consumer groups under the A-Team umbrella to promote online event, social media live broadcasts, offline Thanksgiving Banquet, and activities that grow Entrepreneurs.

iHealth Global Marketing Consultant &

A-Team Chairlady:

陈秋薇 Sarah Chin

A-Team Board of Director

陈秋薇 Sarah Chin
梁志宗 Jimmy Leong
余富高 Franco Yee
钟碧云 Amanda Seng

The NMN = iHealth Project is a project that A-Team is committed to promoting.

In less than 10 months, A-Team has successfully bringing Revenue more than USD1,560,000 to iHealth Innovation Tech from consumers from 50 countries. Drive and incubate a number of One Star Generals (with a monthly brand ambassador fees of more than 10,000 U.S. dollars), 500 Happy Leaders (a monthly brand ambassador fees of more than 5,000 U.S. dollars), and one hundred Happy Leaders (a monthly brand ambassador fees of more than 2,000 U.S. dollars).

At the same time, A-Team BOD also helps leaders in different fields to make breakthroughs from excellence to excellence once again with the help of systematic companionship when entering cross borders.

A-Team adheres to the principle of partnership with the follower, and uses the cooperative concept of Work as a Team to build up hundreds of outstanding Homebase entrepreneurs and outstanding Brand Ambassadors.

A-Team is here to assist a proven breakthrough system that helps our members create financial freedom and healthy lifestyle.

Vision of the iHealth Project:
Help more than 10,000 brand ambassadors to achieved 500 Happy Leaders (annual brand ambassador fees of more than one million US dollars), and aim to unleash every entrepreneurs potential in serving their own family, and A-Team Community.

iHealth project construction strategy:
Based on the core partners of four Christians who love Health and love promoting Health,
Together we are contributing  online sharing event for the group every week in different languages.

We also Build a Facebook online NMN A-Team page to spread A-Team iHealth activities to our consumers and brand ambassadors.

In July 2021, our Founder Sarah Chin initiated invested in USD1800 and hired a professional online live broadcast company to design and prepare the one-year-old online event of A-Team iHealth, helping the group members to take advantage of the activities to brand themselves and iHealth across the country to ten thousand households.

🔆A-Team Outstanding Entrepreneurs🔆

A-Team·iHEALTH 20 Outstanding Entreleaders

One Star General (6)
陈秋薇 Sarah Chin🌟

林宝莲 P. L. Lim🌟

陈籽诺 Wendy Tan🌟

Vanessa Tan🌟

Catherine Chua🌟

Lily Lim 🌟

500 Happy Leader (0)

300 Happy Leader (5)
Gilbert Chin

Lisa Tung

Patrick Chew

Frankie Tay

Datin Susan Tee

100 Happy Leader (9)

余富高 Franco Yee

梁志宗 Jimmy Leong

郑淑梅 Bella Tay

何丽娥 Sharon Hoe

许瀞之Sheila Kow

吉奕勝 Ben Kit

Angela LAU

Jocelyn Chia

Kelly Lim

A-Team International Speakers

1. 陈秋薇 Sarah Chin
2. 余富高 Franco Yee
3. 梁志宗 Jimmy Leong
4. 钟碧云 Amanda Seng

5. 梁仲莲 Joanne Leung

6. 梁仲谋 Rex Leong 

7. 陈籽诺 Wendy Tan

8. Catherine Chua

9. 周金福 Patrick Chew

10. 林宝珠 Lily Lim

11. Carrie Phang
12. Joyce Lim
13. Cameron Wong
14. Olivia 
15. Angeline

16. Christoper Yong
17. 徐佳妮 Khor Kiar Nee, NiNi
18. KP Chong
19. Tina Choong
20. 周惠珊 Anna Chew

21. 许瀞之Sheila Kow

22. 吉奕勝 Ben Kit

~Information update: December 5, 2021


NMN is known by scientists as the “life-life medicine” of the 21st century. It is the world’s first scientific research result that has been rigorously scientifically proven to significantly reverse aging and prolong life. It was developed by Prof. David Sinclair of Harvard University in 2013. Professor Sinclair’s laboratory has initially discovered results in the field of anti-aging. It is the Harvard Professor of Medicine, Dr. David Sinclair who proposed that NMN and resveratrol have anti-aging effects, but resveratrol only repairs one longevity protein gene, while NMN can repair seven longevity protein genes. This scientific view It has also been unanimously recognized by six or seven Nobel Prize-winning scientists.


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